The Durham Woodworkers are proud supporters of Pens for Peacekeepers and to-date have donated over 250 custom wooden pens to this project. Occasionally we do receive letters from Service member who receive these pens, please see some of the letters below.

Pens For Peacekeepers Letters

Mr McFarland,
I am an Officer currently deployed on Operation Crocodile (UN Mission named MONUSCO) in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
I just received today this magnificent pen made with Wild Cherry (I'll send pic when I can).

I wanted to personnally  thank you for this unique work of Art and I bow to your skilled craftmanship.  I would be curious to know how many hours you put into crafting it...
My Brothers in Arms join me to commend and salute you and your fellow club members from the Durham Woodworker Club for your dedication and support to our members who serves, along with our police force contributing to the cause of peace and protection of Human Rights... especially in Africa.

You Sir, along with the support of our fellow Canadian citizens are what keeps us going in time difficult times...  Your support is much appreciated and your letter was moving...

Once again thank you for standing behind your military community, and feel free to correspond via the MONUSCO email adress in CC should you endeavour.

name removed for privacy reasons___________________________________________________________________________________

Here is a beautiful letter that Denis has received for the Pens for Peacekeepers