Upcoming Meetings and Events at a glance

Upcoming Meetings

Please remember to check the Calendar for the latest information on meetings and events.

Upcoming Member Sessions, Events and Instruction

WOODWORKING 101 / Scroll Saw
Don Gaudet will be in shop to assist new members on the proper use of the shop equipment, and to assist with sharpening their woodworking skills. Don will also do some Scroll Saw training and instruction. Join Don 12pm - 6pm every Monday at the Shop.

Turning Demos and Help is available at the shop every Wednesday at 6pm.
|Woodturning 101 - Dates to be announced shortly.

Penturning 101 - No course is scheduled at this time.


Pens for Peacekeepers
Pens for Peacekeepers Initiative has completed for this year. Please see the volumes of pens the group has donated. We will again, in the fall, start the pen drive for next year.

Wig Stands for Cancer
We will be continuing this worthwhile cause to support Hearth Place Cancer Center. They are in need of more WigStands, so please everyone get out to the shop and turn, turn, turn.

Future Woodworking Shows, Seminars and Presentations

Lee Valley Seminars

Hamilton Woodworking Show - Feb 23rd--25th, 2018