Monday Night Recap, October 17, 2022


Welcome – Live and Zoomers:
YES meeting next week, Oct 24 – election day.

NO Meeting on Oct 31, Halloween.

WEAR your name badge at meetings!! Kade has new ones.

Our LOTTO group is back, with Janice Prebble coordinating. Payment deadline is noon on Oct 29, which will cover the next 20 draws.

Club Hours – suspended until insurance issues settled with the Church. (Dec) 

50-50 draw starts on October 17.  winner gets $31.

Scroll Saws are being fixed by Bruce Cook. THANKS!

Cheese slicers – a bulk buy will again be arranged by Chris Lapine (THANKS!)

Our Annual General Meeting will be held on Monday Dec 12 in our usual meeting room. Review of the year and plans, constitution and bylaws, election of executive, any new motions properly presented, PLAN TO ATTEND!

Member Gabby Boileau is looking for another member to work alongside her on a table project.

Member Neil Fickling donated two sets of forstner bits to the club! THANKS!

Ongoing Education

101 courses.   It is our hope that these courses will be able to resume in Dec or January.

Community Activities


Dale Coolidge gave a very informative demonstration on sharpening chisels and plane blades. He used a specialized jig system from Lee Valley, Details included 30 degree angle and 2 degree micro-bevel, flattening the back of the tool first, stones soaked in water, using the whole of the stone, working through 800, 1500, 4000 grit stones, flattening the chipper of the plane, jig keeping the blades square to the stone and at correct angle, using credit card thickness to set plane blade protrusion beyond chipper, and more! THANKS!

Bill Rutledge made a presentation about DWC Apparel. Samples of T-shirt, Polo shirt, and cap were shown. The program will feature quality, affordable items with our club crest embroidered on! Members will be emailed details. The deadline for ordering is Nov 7th. Questions? Contact Bill THANKS!

Gallery, Show & Tell

Steve Hutcheon presented a scroll saw project ‘Tree of Life’, made of mahogany.

Dan Alexander showed to turned bottle stoppers, unknown wood type, hardware from William Wood-Write

Gord Tilly showed a box for a wine box… butternut, walnut, and basswood, handcut dovetails, oil and beeswax finish

Dale Coolidge showed a bowl in a fir ‘cookie’, flat and semi-gloss poly finish.

Next Meeting

Monday OCTOBER 24th. Making a wooden kayak!!! see you there!