Monday Night Recap, December 12, 2022

MINUTES: Annual General Meeting of the Durham Woodworking Club

To be held in Oshawa at Simcoe Street United Church, Oshawa

on December 12, 2022

Commencing at   6:30 PM

masks to be worn and social distancing practiced

1.      Verification of Quorum 118 members, 40 needed for quorum. 40 members present!

2.      Business meeting procedures and voting procedures.- these were explained by Kade Bolger.

3.   Adoption of the Agenda Motion AGM 22-01 ( Chris Lapine, Dale Coolidge) that the agenda be accepted. – Carried.

4.      Approval of Minutes of last Annual General Meeting (these had been emailed to members previously)

Motion AGM 22-02 (Dale Coolidge, Bruce Cook) that the minutes of the 2021 AGM be approved. – Carried

5.      Reports from Members of the Executive

  • President’s report by Kade Bolger: The club was closed then open then closed again (due to church insurance issue). We are looking forward to being open again in the new year hopefully. 101 courses should resume, as well as evening shop time and possibly even some Saturdays for interest seminars, as well as our ‘community involvement’ activities resuming.
  • Paul Kidson gave a vice-president’s report hilighting the year’s general meeting presentations, thanking members, and referring to a variety of upcoming presentations for 2023.
  • Secretary’s report by Doug Ricketts hilighted the number of executive meetings, bylaw changes, and also the need for all members of the club to do their part in searching for a new shop location. A list of who has already been contacted about this was read.
  • Community report by Calvin Perry noted the hilites of the 2022 year including wig stands for cancer patients, cub cars, pens for healthcare workers, and BackDoor Mission support. The library is being looked after by Peter Lauricella, when it is available.
  • Maintenance report – very little maintenance had to done on most machines due to shop closures and limited use. Bruce Cook has been doing an extensive re-furbishing of the club’s scroll saws.

6.      Financial Report Motion AGM 22-03 (Mike Beaton, John MacDonald) that the financial report be accepted. Carried. Mike’s report presented the Income Statement and Balance Sheet for the last fiscal year, 2021. These items were explained in some detail. There may be a 2022 year end financial statement presented in Jan or Feb 2023.

Member Larry Jeffreys briefly commented positively on the review of the club’s books that he and member Donna Panethere did in November. There was also a brief discussion about the AGM possibly being held in May or June.

7.      Constitutional Changes:

Motion AGM-22-04 (Chris Lapine, Noel Green, Paul Kidson) Carried

This motion reduced the number on the executive to seven, and simplified some of the wording in article E of the constitution.

“In Article E,

replace ‘either 4 or 5 members of the executive being voted in each year’

with ‘either 3 or 4 members of the executive being voted in each year

and replace

‘In odd numbered years, the positions of President, Secretary, director of Shop Safety and Maintenance, Director of Communications and Director at Large will be elected.  In even numbered years, the positions of Vice President, Director of Community Relations and Library, and Director of Membership will be elected.’


In elections for upcoming odd numbered years, the positions of President, Secretary, Director of Maintenance, and Director at Large will be elected.  In elections for upcoming even numbered years, the positions of Vice President, Treasurer, and Director of Community Relations will be elected.’ “

Motion AGM 22-05 (Bruce Cook, Dale Coolidge, Calvin Perry) Carried.

This motion changed article E2 in the constitution to allow a simple majority to be the quorum for holding an executive meeting.

“that article E2 be amended by replacing ‘Executive meeting: two thirds (2/3)’ with ‘Executive meeting: simple majority’ “.

8.      Elections: member Gord Tilly served as Election Officer

All positions were up for election this year.

Acclaimed were the following six positions: President – Kade Bolger, Vice-president – Paul Kidson, Secretary – Doug Ricketts, Treasurer – Mike Beaton, Director of Community Relations – Calvin Perry, Director of Maintenance – Bruce Cook.

Dan Alexander was nominated at the meeting by Doug Ricketts, seconded by Bruce Cook, and acclaimed as Director at Large.

One year terms: the positions of Vice President, Treasurer, and Director of Community Relations

Two year terms: President, Secretary, Directors- Maintenance; At Large

9.      New Business- no items were submitted by any member.

10.  Meeting Adjournment (Bruce Cook, Chris Lapine) Carried. Meeting adjourned at 7:55pm

After the meeting, there was a draw for members who had prepaid their 2023 fees. Tony Maglietta won and will be reimbursed his $80.

Calvin Perry spoke about the history of the club and its founding president, Denis Lalonde, was applauded by the group for being the recipient of the ‘Queens Platinum Jubilee Award’ for outstanding community service.

The next DWC general meeting will be on Monday Jan. 2nd in our usual meeting room at the church. Hope to see you there or on zoom.

Monday Night Recap, December 5, 2022


AGM next Monday. DEC 12th in the Church itself. MASKS and Social Distancing in effect. PLEASE PLAN TO ATTEND!!

Ongoing Education

Watch the DWC website and your emails for sign-ups for courses

Community Activities

Chad Shaw – the BACKDOOR MISSION FOOD DRIVE continues. Please bring your food donation with you to the AGM.


Paul Kidson – future club location. history, status, and “what’s next?”

we may get back in in January… we need an action plan. Maybe separate the two functions- meeting place and workshop. We have had fire inspections, passed. The church has the documents. We havent had to pay rent since Sept 1st.

‘Hope for the best, plan for the worst.’

We did send a focussed letter to the church asking for specific clarifications.

WE NEED -size 1500-2500 sq ft, low rent, accessible space and parking, ground floor, big access door, safe and secure location, 200 amp+ service, wifi capability, longterm availability, ventilation – windows, fans. , meeting space within shop.

We are looking into grant possibilities!

Our club is more than just the shop -it is the members, their experience, knowledge skills camaraderie!! We should be proactive, get a plan in place to move forward with another better location. How much can we afford?

Who can we work with – city, businesses, financial groups…

spread the word, identify locations (greek church on olive), get letters of support, newspapers involved, TVO, Rogers, ads, facebook, radio, CBC, our members, other community groups, other ww clubs, college/univ., other churches, schools (old vanier?) politicians, charities who we support, regional council, scouts canada, Commercial real estate, FUNDING- go fund me, City, boards of Education, BBB, ourselves, downtown BIA, , mackie movers, philanthropists, chambers of commerce, private schools, GM, NorthDog, Millwork, yacht builders, seniors residences, Lee valley – (they do give Nova wws in Nova scotia free space (John McD)), PPG – near old knob hill,

who would open close new facility? Key cards, etc… old schools, Millwork(shop south side), pickering. Letters of support from- hearth place, we grow food, cubs, peacock, armed forces, BDM, Lakeridge health, Novas ark, CLOCA, oshawa seniors, nifty fifties ladies, soper creek animal rescue, artisan craft group – craft ontario, other ww clubs, WGO, legion poppy boxes, KofC, letters needed for such groups, carving club scugog, pickering, ontario military museum,

Types of possible sites – schools, public bldgs, warehousing, seniors, private, city bldgs, airport bldgs, ethnic clubs (fiesta week places) buying portables.., military buildings,City grants, prov grants, other grants, increase mem dues, , gofundMe, WW sugardaddy? Lottery funds. Is it trillium?

Financial update – at AGM. We have ballpark $17000 in bank.

TELL us how you want to help, contact the executive – one part , we all do something we will together accomplish something. Executive will organize, will contact members for tasks.

Gallery, Show & Tell

Wayne H – scrolled picture

Leo Hass peper and salt mills

Noel G- bowls maple, cherry, wine bottle holder, 35 degrees

Paul K wigstand maple

Calvin P wing bowl juniper natural edge, snowmen, scrolled moose, wigstand

Charcuterie brd, butternut Mike Kellar

Doug R salad tongs, lidded box sewing tape measure

Don McF – scrolled ornaments – contact Don for FREE patterns

Rob Peros- rocking Horse for child – project for possible group build

Kade Bolger – turnings- platter of redwood burl, hollowform turning with silver inlays, lotus flower bowl tulip poplar, bell box.

Chris lapine – pencil holders

Next Meeting: 2022-12-12 Annual General Meeting in the Church