Monday Night Recap, February 13, 2023


  • Thanks to the 90+ members who have already renewed their DWC membership for 2023.
  • Do you know anyone who might be a contact that might possibly lead to a new shop location for us. A letter to members about this will soon follow!
  • We are in regular contact with the church about their insurance woes, and we are actively looking into other locations.
  • ‘Good of the Club’ draw will be for $41 weekly.
  • Calvin Perry has had a bit of a medical setback, is now in a Toronto Hospital, expecting to get back to Oshawa soon. He is making progress.
  • Rick’s Picks coming up $20 for 20 weeks.
  • NO MEETING next week – Family Day.
  • Please help tidy up after the meetings!! THANK YOU

Ongoing Education

Watch the DWC website and your emails for sign-ups for courses

Community Activities

Chad Shaw – the BackDoorMission FOOD DRIVE will continue weekly


CARVING (birds and canes) with guest Presenter Rodney Maahs

started carving at Durham Woodworking Club a few years ago!! Caricatures, boar, birds. How to bird carve: there are books and patterns available… Basswood preferred, top view and side view drawn on, then cut top view with bandsaw, glue back together, then cut side view. Mark out the parts to be cut away. Need one good knife and a ‘V knife’. Maybe also a flat chisel. “KV carving” in New Brunswick, ‘Chipping Away’ carving in Kitchener are sources. Sand it down, draw in feathers, use high speed dremels to do feathers. Either ‘stone'(dremel) or burn the feathers. Either buy feet (pewter) or make them – copper with baking soda and CA glue… You will need a ‘burner’ and a dremel if you want to do serious bird carving. Does many ducks – some have 80-100+ hours of work!! Canes with animal heads. Rodney does classes Wednesday mornings and evenings at Northview Community Centre, through Oshawa Seniors 55+ programs. (12-13 weeks, 3 hrs a day) Cost approx $80.   Acrylic paints used.

Bernie Visser and another are perhaps organizing a drop-in carving group in Oshawa

Gallery, Show & Tell

Dan A: Olive lidded box, Odies Oil finish

Doug R: Plum and Walnut candle holder, tung oil

Paul K: Crab apple charcuterie boards, one with ‘woven’ inserts.

Next Meeting: 2023-02-27 (NOT on Family day feb 20)