Monday Night Recap, Oct 23, 2023


Safety: exits and defibrillator (and washroom) were pointed out!

!!! SHOP CLEANUP is this Saturday Oct 28 at 10:00 a.m., many hands make light work! Hope to see you there… usually done in less than 2 hrs.

IF  YOU have any suggestions or wishes for presentation topics for Monday night meetings, let Paul K know or reply to this email!!

Thanks to Gord Tilly who agreed to be our Elections Officer again this year at our AGM on DEC 11th.

ELECTION coming at AGM on December 11, will need new VP, Treasurer, Secretary, Community Relations director. Please do consider taking a turn helping out.

Focus Groups – as in the last email I sent you, these are being developed for YOU the members of the club! Whittling, Toys, Furniture, Scrolling, Carving, Others?? Reply to this email with your interest…

Invite a member whom have you not seen for a while?? Why not reach out to them (by phone or email ) to join us Monday nights in person or on zoom.

In 2 WEEKS (NOV 6th) there will be a special presentation on…..

MUSIC in WOODWORKING don’t miss it!!!

SHOP HOURS Mon – Fri 9:00 to 8:00, SAT 9:00 to 3:00

LOTTERY group run by Paul Kidson, has 19 participants… you will get updates from Paul directly or from Doug in these minutes

PARKING in church lot can be tricky! Best luck if you arrive before 9:00 a.m., or after 3:00. We are working diligently with the church on finding solutions to this!!

2024 membership dues ($80) are due by Jan 1st. If you pay by Dec 1, you are entered into an early bird draw and may win back your $80.

WOW!! A new 15” helical head carbide cutters planer is being ordered, with necessary electrical upgrades and dust collection in the shop!

Ongoing Education

WOODTURNING 101 COURSE running Oct 12, 19, Nov 2nd. SHOP CLOSED TO ALL OTHERS THOSE DAYS! Contact Kade to be on the list for future courses (January?)

TURNING 101 with Chris L started Wednesday, Oct 4, for 8 weeks, 6-9pm. Turners only in the shop those nights. Contact Chris L.

SCROLLSAWING 101 – contact Don Mcfarland.

Wednesday, with Chris Lepine…TURNING ONLY those nights!

Community Activities

BackDoorMission FOOD and CLOTHING DRIVE continues weekly. Men’s and women’s clothing and toiletries needed, also sleeping bags. Food

Wig stands for cancer patients is ongoing -we still have wood available in the shop. Take your turn to do a good turn!

PENS for PEACEKEEPERS starting up again, Chad has pen kits to sign out. Military people want slim pens to fit in their uniform. This program is very appreciated by those in uniform – please get involved!

CUBCARS will likely start up again this year – stay tuned for details!!


Paul Kidson:    Guest from “Wooden It Be Nice” in Brooklin Ontario! Video one: about chair repair. All or most chairs will develop loose joints due to use and movement, plus the older glues that may have been used can break down. Use of clamps to stretch the joints apart, after labelling all parts, Do NOT bash it apart!! stretch and wiggle. Clean off the tenons with sandpaper of carefully with a file. Clean out the mortises with sandpaper or round file or FORSTNER bits of the exact right size…insert the bit using REVERSE then using forward you can draw the bit out, cleaning the hole!

Video two: taking apart and repairing a different chair type, removal of construction adhesive can be very tricky… Using a dremel type tool with a cuttoff wheel can deal with nails etc. You may need to replace screws with longer ones to get a good bite into the piece to be joined. May use wood glue into tight fitting joint areas and epoxy into more gapped joint areas

Discussion about glues and chair repair: do not use screws in most cases to repair the chair leg joint, the wood and the metal will not mate well…the screw will eat the wood in the joint with the movement over time.

use carpenters glue, (or hide glue on antiques), or epoxy if there are gaps.

Be sure both the tenon and the mortise (hole) have glue on them to get a good result. Use a rubber mallet to encourage the joints to firm up (legs into bottom of seat) Similar process for stretchers.

Gallery, Show & Tell

Noel G. SHINY! bowl, maybe Cottonwood or hickory? general salad bowl finish.

Wood samples – cottonwood? Or chestnut? and poplar

Gord T. Piece of cut Ash, with evidence of ash borer

Doug R. Turned mushrooms from oak (with a very uniquely shaped pith) and another unknown wood… imperfect as they should be!

Paul K. Wooden chair to be reconfigured, rebuilt…Paul will update us on his progress!

Next Meeting: 2023-10-30 Mondays at 6:30