Monday Night Recap, March 25, 2024


Gene Hutchison –Members to help Scouts and Cubs with shop assistance is sought for March 28th Thursday evening at 6pm and for March 30th Saturday at 10am. 

Next Week – April 1st no meeting, next meeting Monday April 8th

April 7th Tools of the Trade show at the Pickering town centre (8-3pm)

Mar 23 shop cleanup went very well, thanks to all who helped out

2×4 challenge is being considered with final rules to be announced April 8th – expect Scrolling, Turning and Flatwork competitions

Shop hours this week Mon to Thursday 9-8 pm (Thursday evening will be reserved for Cubs/Scouts) and Saturday afternoon 1 -3pm (Saturday morning will also be reserved for Cubs/Scouts) 50/50 for the good of the club winner –Paul Kidson

Show & Tell

Kade Bolger – “Tippy Tops” are a skill building – technical project. Consist of a full circle (perfect sphere – approximately 1.5” diameter), which is the base that the object spins on, centre of mass for the finished top is below the centre of the sphere, (about 1/3 up from the bottom). Sphere is turned from a cylinder, then top side is hollowed out leaving a vertical stem.

Gene Hutchison – Showed his woodworking 101 step stool and a night table watch stand. The band of a watch is positioned on the stand to display the watch face.   

Chris Lapine – Showed an oval shaped composite wood base for a coffee grinder.  The ‘drawer’ to collect the coffee grounds, integral with the base, has the inside ‘wood turned’ rather than drilled out, which provided a better profile for removal of the ground coffee.  

Gord Tilly – Showed an antique machinists mallet which consisted of a stack leather circles with the centres removed, glued on a iron rod (approximately 1” diameter) with a turned handle that he has been restoring.  Gord also showed several antique timber frame “log dogs”, circa mid 1800’s used to hold beams together.   

Paul Kidson – showed a King lathe chuck that was brand new but oscillated when spinning.  It was determined the chuck adaptor had a machining flaw. When checked for roundness it was showing run-out of about 0.008”.


Facilitated this week by Paul Kidson consisted of group discussions related to adequate needs for a home wood turning shop, a home scrolling shop and a home flat working shop.

Next Meeting: 2024-04-08 Monday at 6:30pm