Monday Night Recap, January 9, 2023


Fire exits, AED location.

Shop still closed. We have been in contact with the church about this, and we have been actively following up on many leads regarding other possible locations. A detailed update on this will be given at one of our upcoming meetings.  We are working on getting an improved audio system for our meetings which will significantly enhance the zoom experience.

Next week will be tips and jigs, so bring in your tips/jigs to share.

Bruce continues work on re-furbishing our scroll saws – on #5 now!!

There will be a raffle for an extra face plate for a lathe – size 1″ by 8tpi

Bill Rutledge has the DWC apparel now, contact him to pick up your goods.

Some discussion about installing a new bandsaw blade and getting it to run true!

Some discussion about mixing sawdust and glue to a ‘toothpaste’ consistency for filling holes. NOT recommended to be used as toothpaste!

Ongoing Education

Watch the DWC website and your emails for sign-ups for courses once the shop is able to re-open.

Community Activities

Chad Shaw – the BackDoorMission FOOD DRIVE will continue weekly and once a month at the usual plaza pick-up location.

Six new wig stands were brought in tonight for Hearth Place! Keep on Turning!!


Wayne Peden: Banding/edging on cabinets. Melamine or veneer iron on banding, or thin (1/4 inch) wood strip glued on. Use of a special trimmer tool. Tips about sanding, gluing, trimming for a quality finished product.

Chris Lapine: Building cottage stairs from logs. Logs 12” diameter cut in half, and 36” long, rails 3 by 8 pine 14 ft long. Logs should be dried inside, not under the cottage! The ‘half logs’ do warp and twist so a jig was built to flatten them on the one side, using a radial arm saw. A slot was cut in round side of the half logs to fit on the rails. Logs were then lag bolted and PL ‘adhesived’ to the rails.

Gallery, Show & Tell

This week’s fine works included: a wig stand made of cherry and an old clock face; a laminated and turned lidded box, several spinning tops and a bowl; a chestnut turned platter with ‘chatoyance’; a turned box with multi-axis finial and several finials and turned boxes; an oak wig stand.

Next Meeting: Monday Jan 16,    TIPS AND JIGS