Monday Night Recap, Dec 4, 2023


RECAP of DWC general meeting DATE: Monday DEC 4th, 2023


Kade B.

Safety: exits, fire extinguishers and defibrillator were pointed out!!

NEW Faces… Blair, Rob. Welcome to DWC!

SHOP HOURS Mon – Fri 9:00 to 8:00, SAT 9:00 to 3:00

Wednesday Night Turning is up and running with Chris Lapine.

CLEANup the SHOP this Saturday Dec 9th 10:00a.m. Come on down and help out, meet fellow members.


WE need YOU!! Please attend our AGM on December 11. There will be draws for several valuable door prizes (Exotic Woods in Burlington…)

Old PLANER: 2 names entered into draw… Winner – Walter Murczek

Annual membership dues are due by Jan 1st. If you pay by Dec 11, you are entered into an early bird draw and may win back your $80.

BDM needs 10 more doorstops!!

5 designated PARKING SPOTS NEXT TO THE CHURCH (east side of lot)

Put a DWC parking tag in your car window.

All spots on west side are for mission staff.

Ongoing Education

SCROLLSAWING 101 – contact Don Mcfarland

Contact Paul K for Flatwork 101 course info

For Turning 101 contact Kade B

Community Activities

BackDoorMission FOOD and CLOTHING DRIVE continues weekly. Mens and womens clothing and toiletries needed, also sleeping bags. Food- THANKS for bringing things in!!

Wig stands for cancer patients is ongoing -we still have wood available in the shop. We will be sending some wigstands to Princess Margaret Hospital.

PENS for PEACEKEEPERS active again, Chad has pen kits to sign out. Military people want slim pens to fit in their uniform. This program is very appreciated by those in uniform – please get involved! 40 or so kits to go.

Maintenance: email Bruce/Chad/Mike whenever you notice a problem with one of the machines.


FLATTENING A BOARD, with Chris L. Safety: eye and ear protection should be worn. Use of a metal detecting wand (shop will have one soon!) is recommended to detect nails etc in the wood. Use dust collector

Infeed, cutterhead, outfeed, and fence were reviewed. Use engineers square to check that fence is 90 degrees to infeed table. NEVER have hands at trailing end of workpiece; safely on top of workpiece or use pushsticks/pads. NO loose clothing. Joint face with cupped edge down so high corners contact tables. Sound and feel of machine tells you what is happening with workpiece. Use thin cuts, as few passes as possible, just until piece references flat on outfeed table or other known flat surface, pencil lines on face being jointed will show progress. Joint one edge, cup side down, to be flat and square to the jointed face.

For a more warped/cupped board you can joint half of the face then flip it around and joint other half of face, to remove relative high spots.

If board is to wide for the jointer, a planer sled can be used with business cards being used as shims to stabilize piece, eliminating rocking, this will establish a flat reference face which is parallel to the planer bed, once that is flat, then turn it face down alone on the planer bed and flatten the othger side.

To flatten end grain, do NOT use the planer; use a router sled on a flat work surface with side rails and a sliding router sled to gradually flatten the end grain, can then flip over and do the other side.

Gallery, Show & Tell

Steve H: a Steve Good scroll ornament with names, in baltic birch; hummingbird scrolled platter with many many components.

Kade B: an ash and cherry and chain morning star old weapon!; also a small turned box with hand-carved bricks; also some heirloom turned bowls of crabapple, one off centre live edge.

Mike B: whittling projects- book markers, butternut and basswood, simple pocketknife or exacto knife

Dale C: picket fence bed headboard, pine painted

Bryan S: project – front door bench mailbox, oak ply and oak trim.

Next Meeting: 2023-12-11 AGM!!! Monday at 6:30 then Jan 8th