Monday Night Recap – January 14, 2019

Great meeting last night, Don McFarland treated the members to an awesome demonstration on FLOCKING.  Don ran through the correct techniques to properly flock a projected, the range of options to be flocked was quite large, ranging from turned projects to flat & scroll work to a wide assortment of items.  We’ll hope to have Don’s presentation up on our new web site shortly and we’ll see if we can get the video feed posted to our YouTube channel.  Thank you to Don for taking the time to prepare and present on the subject matter, it is greatly appreciated.

Chad Shaw has been working with the Back Door Mission at the church to help out with their food drive, he’s been doing an awesome job.  Attached is a list of items that the mission are accepting on behalf of their program, each week as you members come out to the Monday meetings, please feel free to drop off a donation in the bin as you pick up your badges.

Attached is a presentation from Gene Hutchinson on flattening a warped board, following Chris Lapine’s demonstration this past Saturday.

Just a reminder, we have a new enhanced web site, new calendar, as well as, memberships can now be paid on-line (yeah!).  Please check the web site for any updates. 


  • Tuesday night, open shop night
  • Wednesday night, open turning night
  • Thursday night, Kub Cars program with Calvin Perry, shop will be closed in the evening
  • Saturday morning, Heart shaped pendant seminar with  Chris Lapine (9:00 am to noon)

Have a great week!