Monday night recap – March 11, 2019

Great meeting last night, a tremendous offering of gallery items from the membership, images will be posted on our web site, definitely a must see.  Congratulations to Kade Bolger for taking first place in the turning competition (intermediate category) with a couple of pieces at the Brooklin Carving Show this past weekend, as well as to Chris Lapine for first place in the novice category, followed by myself with a second place showing, a number of the pieces were shown at the gallery.

Thank you to Rick Sullivan, Don Gaudet and Dave Roberts for staffing the clubs table at the show, they spoke with perspective members, answered questions and represented the club.

As well, we had a great presentation from Chris Lapine on the techniques for gluing boards, attached is a PDF copy of the presentation by Chris, which will be posted on the club web site.  There were a number of great questions from the membership, which the entire group enjoyed the discussion.  Thanks to Chris for taking the time to pull together a great PowerPoint slide show and presenting to the membership.

Mike Kellar brought forward an issue with one of the Talon chucks used for turning last night, unfortunately, one of the jaws has fallen out of the chuck, leaving it unusable with only three gripping arms, if anyone might know if its whereabouts, please email or text me with notification.  As well, Mike brought a great jig diagram, which is attached as a PDF file, which shows how to build a miter jig, a definite must for cutting angles on your table saw.

We’ll be hosting our first Annual General Meeting (AGM) on April 1st, the purpose will be review our overall plans for 2019, as well as, to vote on any changes to the current constitution and by-laws.  As this will be the first Monday of the month, we’ll also be hosting our coffee and treat night.  I’ll be sending out a copy of the agenda in the coming weeks, so members can prepare for any questions.


  • Tuesday night will be open shop night, along with the CLOCA team.
  • Wednesday night Denise and Chris will be hosting the open turning night, 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm
  • Thursday night, Chad will be in the shop from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm, if you want to come in to work on a project, come on down.
  • After 6:00 pm, Wayne Pye and Wayne Peden will be building the clubs new library cabinets, if you would like to learn how, I would definitely recommend coming down to the shop.

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to call, text or email me anytime.

Have a great week!