Monday Night Recap – April 1, 2019

Outstanding meeting last night, it was our second coffee and treats night, Chad did a great job making the coffee and the membership brought in awesome treats for the group (my compliments to the member who brought in the banana chocolate chip cookies, they were great).  

The gallery was awesome as always, a number of great projects, as well as a few really good jigs that would be useful in any shop.  For those members that use Instagram, the club has a new Instagram site, under the search bar, look up “Durham Woodworking Club”, Dan will be posting images from the gallery on a weekly basis (Thanks Dan).

Following the gallery segment, we held our first Annual General Meeting (AGM), on the agenda, review and vote on our update constitution and by-laws.  We had a great discussion regarding both documents, a number of terrific suggestions were added to the final version which passed unanimously, attached is a copy of both documents for everyone, we’ll also post copies on our web site for future reference.  I like to acknowledge Paul Kidson and the sub committee members that worked to produce both documents, Noel Green, Mike Beeton & Doug Ricketts, thank you to all of the sub committee members, your support is greatly appreciated.

As well, attached are two drawings, one from Dale Coolidge on a cool project to hang a towel or a piece of paper, Dale found the item in a retail store and thought that the membership might find it handy, it was a good item during the gallery. 

Also, Chris has passed along a detailed diagram for the upcoming cheese slicer demonstration being held this Saturday, start time is 9:00 am, if anyone has any questions, please feel free to contact Chris directly.


  • Tuesday night, open shop night
  • Wednesday night will be the turning forum, hosted by Denis and Chris.  The topic for this month will be wood burning and the tools used, start time is 6:00 pm.
  • Thursday afternoon, Chad will be in the shop from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm, shop will be open, followed by Wayne Pye and Wayne Peden working on the library build, if you’d like to learn or help, come on down.

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to call, text or email me anytime.

Have a great week!
Rob Peros
President – Durham Woodworking Club