Monday Night Recap, Nov 6, 2023


This Wednesday evening’s turning session is cancelled. Shop will be open.

ELECTION coming at AGM on December 11, will need new VP, Treasurer, Secretary, Community Relations director. That could be you!! Please do consider taking a turn helping out. WE NEED VOLUNTEERS to help run the club!

GREAT to see so many members (38?)at this meeting!!

Bring your projects on a Monday night for Show and Tell..or if they are too big, bring in pictures on a memory stick

SHOP HOURS Mon – Fri 9:00 to 8:00, SAT 9:00 to 3:00

The first ‘101’ courses in turning and flatwork have concluded this fall. Contact Kade B or Paul K to sign up for these course which may run in the new year…

2024 membership dues ($80) are due by Jan 1st. If you pay by Dec 4, you are entered into an early bird draw and may win back your $80. E-transfer to Mike Beaton (treasurer), see below, or cash at a meeting, or credit card on website.

DWC Executive 2023:

Kade B. – President

Paul K. – Vise president

Mike B. – Treasurer

Dan A. – Director at large

Bruce C. – Maintenance

Chad S. – Community Relations

Doug R. – Secretary

WOW!! A new 15” helical head carbide cutters planer is NOW in the shop!! Electrical upgrades and dust collection being set up this week, possibly next. We WILL HAVE a special Monday night presentation on proper use and care of this machine!! Thanks to Chad Shaw for his work in setting up this equipment

Ongoing Education

TURNING 101 may run again in 2024.

Contact Chris L. or Kade B

SCROLLSAWING 101 – contact Don Mcfarland

FLATWORK 101 may run in 2024. Contact Paul K.

Community Activities

BackDoorMission FOOD and CLOTHING DRIVE continues weekly. Men’s and women’s clothing and toiletries needed, also sleeping bags. Food. thanks for lending a helping hand to those in need.

Wig stands for cancer patients is ongoing -we still have wood available in the shop. Take your turn to do a good turn!

PENS for PEACEKEEPERS is running again, Chad has pen kits to sign out. Military people want slim pens to fit in their uniform. This program is very appreciated by those in uniform – please get involved!

CUBCARS will likely start up again this year – stay tuned for details!!


Doug R did a presentation on MUSIC and WOODWORKING. The powerpoint, with embedded YOUTUBE videos is attached. THANKS to the audience for their awesome participation!

Gallery, Show & Tell

Kade B showed a tool handle spindle, a pen and an ash bowl that were made in the turning 101 class. Kade also showed several shawl pins (ash, oak, cherry) and a live edge walnut goblet. He also showed several turned lidded boxes with coloured epoxy insets.  Awesome

Steve H showed an oak scroll sawn dragonfly (27 hrs), and a set of scrolled Christmas ornaments on stands ‘Love’ ‘Peace’ ‘Joy’.  Beautiful

Dave Ricketts (guest) showed slides of three projects: Mitre-jointed table made from reclaimed century fir beams; a series of wall shelves made from maple ply and cherry; and a walnut compound mitred fireplace mantle.  Fantastic

Next Meeting: 2023-11-13 Mondays at 6:30 SEE YOU THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!