Monday Night Recap, Nov 13, 2023


SHOP HOURS Mon – Fri 9:00 to 8:00, SAT 9:00 to 3:00

Wednesday Night Turning is up and running with Chris Lapine.

ELECTION coming at AGM on December 11, will need new VP, Treasurer, Secretary, Community Relations director. Please do consider taking a turn helping out.

Annual membership dues are due by Jan 1st. If you pay by Dec 1, you are entered into an early bird draw and may win back your $80.

Clean pitched gummy blades with degreaser, coke, varsol, ‘orange’ cleaner, … and a toothbrush

DON MCFARLAND is happy to provide you with name-customized scroll saw patterns for Christmas ornaments. These are great for the kids/grandkids!

Ongoing Education

SCROLLSAWING 101 – contact Don Mcfarland

Contact Paul K for Flatwork 101 course info

For Turning 101 contact Kade B

Community Activities

BackDoorMission FOOD and CLOTHING DRIVE continues weekly. Men’s and women’s winter clothing and toiletries needed, also sleeping bags. Food- THANKS for bringing things in!!

Wig standsfor cancer patients is ongoing -we still have wood available in the shop. We will be sending some wigstands to Princess Margaret Hospital.

PENS for PEACEKEEPERS active again, Chad has pen kits to sign out. Military people want slim pens to fit in their uniform. This program is very appreciated by those in uniform – please get involved! 40 or so kits to go.

CUBCARS is starting up again – first group next week Tuesday Nov 21st 6:00 pm. (we meet at 5:30) we need about a DOZEN volunteers

Maintenance: email Bruce/Chad/Mike whenever you notice a problem with one of the machines

Tom L. Scroll saw program for seniors at John Street and Northview needs new volunteers .


Tour of shop to see new planer and dust collector and wiring for those. PAUL K.

IMPORTANT Proper and Safe use: Always turn on the dust collector first!

On planer, red OFF switch must be disengaged to allow green ON switch to function! ONE ROTATION of depth of cut wheel equals one sixteenth inch cut – never take off more than that in a single pass!!! With wide boards or harder woods you should take off only 1/32 inch (1/2 turn) or 1/64 inch (1/4 turn)

Two locking screwknobs on right side of machine should NEVER be overtightened and NEVER left tightened – always release… you should NOT use these knobs except maybe for your final finishing pass, then release them!


Gallery, Show & Tell

Gord T: triangular rule, circle centre finder, found 3 1/8 inch forstner bit, little wizard metal finder in wood.

Noel G: BOWLS – maple, (general salad bowl finish) poplar X 4,

Paul K: Bowl from One-Of-A-Kind to try and emulate in the coming months! Wooden carved frogs music toy -2.

Kade B: our table saw cross cut fence which has been cut through by the blade…the fence is adjustable to avoid this! If UNSURE – ASK for assistance!!

Kade B: turned box with finial (olive and oak – ebonized with steel wool and apple cider vinegar…) (tannins in wood react with the dissolved metal) also crab apple with black walnut, also African blackwood finial on red heart. Lids are just loose enough to allow for natural wood movement with variance in moisture and temperature.

Chris L: SALT and PEPPER Cellar (oval box) with stabilizing leg attached, Cherry Maple and Walnut. Used brass bolt and threaded insert from HD. Idea from Wood Whisperer.

Don McF: Personalized Christmas ornaments: available from Don, free name-customized patterns to DWC members… Contact Don

Next Meeting: 2023-11-20 Monday at 6:30