Monday night recap, September 12, 2022


The shop is now CLOSED due to an occupancy issue with the church. The executive is working on this and will update members as things develop.

We will resume IN PERSON with zoom general meetings next week Sept 19th from the auditorium, same space we used before!

An effort will be made to resume some evening shop time in the future – stay tuned for details.

DWC clothing (caps, T shirts, Golf shirts) will be becoming available – details to come in the weeks ahead!

WOOD – Gord Dowsley advises that some maple tree wood is available on his street, Limerick St. Oshawa.

LOTTERY- funds from last spring have been all used by the treasurer to buy tickets until exhausted! Lottery is now on hold until we get a new volunteer to run it (with assistance from treasurer) Sincere thanks to Rick Sullivan for his years coordinating this for us!!

Ongoing Education:

Turning 101 course will be held in Jan./Feb. Kade will contact those members on the list.

Pending shop re-opening, Turning 101 with Chris Lapine may occur this fall – members will be contacted.

Flatwork 101 will occur again, Paul K will be providing further details in the weeks ahead.

Watch the DWC website and your emails for sign-ups for courses


FRAMES with SPLINES, Doug Ricketts Slide show and discussion about the process of making a mirror/picture frame using mitre joints with splines for added strength. Various clamping methods shown. Methods to cut slots for splines. Discussion with members about frame sizes/strength, gluing techniques, use of French cleat, leaving space for wood movement, slotted frame, glazier points, cardboard backing, equipment preparation, etc. Thanks to all for their input.

Gallery, Show & Tell:

Chris Lapine – walnut charcuterie board with epoxy inlay and cnc engraving(Andy W), techniques for filling engraved areas.

Kade B – urn of Oak with birds eye maple and ‘karagana'(siberian pea shrub), staining techniques, engraved also,; 2D wall art for a gallery show…

Other items may have been shown or discussed after this recorder had to leave – sorry!!

Next Meeting: 2022-09-19 IN PERSON and by zzzooooom.