Monday Night Recap, April 17, 2023


Fire exits and defbrillator location were reviewed. Badge check!

Mike B. – Financial Report: Income Statement and Balance Sheet were reviewed in detail for the quarter ending March 31 2023. $19 683 in bank.

Special Interest Groups – we have had NO insurance in the past while working with any outside groups…we are now going to make such people join the DWC as ‘provisional members’ for a day so that they can ‘belong’ and thereby meet insurance requirements. (bylaw changes and const. changes will be reviewed in near future).

SHOP IS OPEN. Use, Clean up. Wednesday turning only nights 6 till 8 start this week!! Chris Lapine present.

PLEASE take care of the tools! Let us know if something goes wrong. ‘RED Tag’ any damaged or malfunctioning tools, and contact the exec so the maintenance team can be informed about the issue!!

CALVIN is progressing on floor C5. Visitors appreciated.

Chad Shaw standing in as community relations director while Calvin is away.

We will ask to get an updated membership list distributed soon.

We may attempt to get the news reporter back to cover us being re-opened.

Shop cleanup likely to be restarted next month, starting Saturday, May 6th at ten a.m. Exec may set a schedule for pre-arranged monthly cleanups!

Free walnut and vine-wood from Gord T.

Ongoing Education

See Chris about turning 101 course.

Kade will do a turning 101 course 3 Thursdays Apr 27, May 4, May 18. Kade will be calling people.

Let Kade know if you want Flatwork 101 or scrolling 101 or turning 101.

Assisting instructors are NEEDED!!

Community Activities

Chad Shaw – the BackDoorMission FOOD DRIVE will continue weekly

WIG STANDS ongoing – kits available in shop.

Pens For Peacekeepers will be restarting soon!



Dale C. – pop-up tent hold down device, wood insert to screw handle into, case made from ABS pipe, filled with sand

Doug R. – jig for truing up pen blank with brass insert, a drill bit set at 90 degrees to sanding disc face, pen blank slides over the drill bit.

Tom M.- a saw shaped push stick with long bed to be on the board, handle up high, good stability. Also a collapsible plywood table for project layout and tool rest area.

Kade B. Plywood and wood strip piece to hold a round/curved log or piece before cutting on the bandsaw. Never cut into endgrain on a chopsaw, only cross-cutting.

Jig using a donut chuck will allow you to turn off the end nib or pointy egg end.

Billiard ball or bowling ball jig for cutting the ball in half (to make a box/bowl.

Guy M. Egg turning. Tape a paper egg shape to lathe bed then use a light to project a shadow to fine-tune your egg shape.

Wayne Peden – oily rags will combust if left bunched up… don’t leave them!! dry them out or soak in water. Storing oily rags in water, outside, is wise. Gord T. – using flat bench pins/dogs to hold work for planing

Mike B. – whistle making, not using a 4 jaw chuck, using a spring loaded centre instead.

French’s mustard bottle will take many different lids for various gluing applications.

2X4 CHALLENGE – any 1.5 by 3.5 inch by 8 feet long. Any type of wood may be used. Get Creative!!! see ideas on the internet. Winners in 2014: John Donkers, Don McFarland, Duncan Vipond, Stacey Thompson, Roy Coe, Mike Lanthier, Denis Lalonde, Roy Coe.

Entries to be submitted on May 15th 2023.

Prizes from: Peacock Lumber, William Wood-Write, Burlington Exotics, Woodchuckers.

Gallery, Show & Tell

Don McF. – two scrolled gnomes; one Leafs, one Whitby wildcats baseball.

Steve H – scroll saw blades 0.013 inches thick

Next Meeting: 2023-04-24