Monday night recap, October 3, 2022


Welcome – Live and Zoomers: For Zoomers…  we are looking into upgrading our club computer to allow for better AV services.  Stay tuned

Kade is travelling in Europe at Turning Events.  We wish him well, and congratulate him for his increasingly recognized excellence. With Kade travelling, VP Paul Kidson stood in for this meeting.

NO meeting next week – its Thanksgiving! Meet again on Monday October 17.

Any ‘new members were invited to introduce themselves.     Welcome.

‘Mikey Unit’ – location on the wall at the east side of the meeting room.

A MIKEY is a Public Access Defibrillator (PAD), also called an Automatic External Debirillator (AED).  Debrillator is hard to spell and harder to say.  So, they are referred to as Mikeys.

Signs of Cardiac Fibrillation

a.       Lightheadedness or dizziness.

b.       Palpitations (skipping, fluttering or pounding in the chest)

c.       Fatigue.

d.       Chest pressure or pain.

e.       Shortness of breath.

f.        Fainting spells

Name of person who invented them?    Frank Pantrige

Paul will look into them more for the next meeting…

Fire Exits   2… south door to Bagot Street and west door out into the parking lo

Phones off or muted.  BIG Fine starting next meeting.

Club Hours – suspended until insurance issues settled with the Church. 

Insurance Update:  Likely that this will be settled and in effect in early December.

50-50 draw to start on October 17.  Payment payable by noon, October 13 on line or by cheque/cash to Mike Beaton.  No exceptions for date/time deadlines.

1 ticket per week for ten weeks or 3 tickets per week for ten weeks at either 24 or 48 bucks respectively by e transfer or slightly more by paying with VISA on website

Lotto Draw plans being developed.  Further updates coming.

Chainsaw woodcarving – speaker tied up for 2022.  Has offered to make a presentation in Jan/Feb 2023.

Club branded clothing is being looked into.  Update coming soon.

Offer of tools for club is being followed up on.

Thanks for the persistent efforts of Chris Lapine to get the meeting on Zoom – it was a battle that he eventually solved by contacting Kade in Europe, with Kade starting the process from his end.  Good work to both!

Ongoing Education

101 courses.   As per the above, are likely suspended until December or more likely the new year. 

a.       The course subjects include scroll sawing, turning and flatwork.

b.       Please, we need some additional, instructors, for all courses.

i.      I want to thank Wayne Pye for agreeing to help out as an instructor for the flatwork course.

ii.      Please see myself or Wayne Peden to help out with the flatwork course.

iii.      Please see Kade Bolger or Chris Lapine or Denis Lalonde to help out with the turning course

iv.      Please see Don MacFarland to help out with the scroll sawing course.

Community Activities

Calvin gave a good report on the Community activities of the club, further to his emails.

Chad reported on the Food Drive.  The DWC has been very generous in donations, and we are again closing in on our target of donating a ton of food (2000 lbs!) each half year.  Thanks to both for their work in these areas.


Dale Coolidge gave a very informative talk on prepping/flattening sharpening stones.  He covered different types of stones (water, oil, soap, ceramic and diamond), and described the properties of each.

He went over the purpose and methods of using different “grits” of abrasive sand, including setting them up on a piece of plate or tempered glass as a perfectly flat backing.

Dale commented on the short time needed for flattening if done regularly, the need for a circular pattern of moving the stone over the grit, the advisability of flipping the stone end-to-end at regular intervals so that the “dominant” hand/arm rotates between the two ends of the stone and therefore even outs any pressure imbalance between each arm.  He suggested starting with 60 grit abrasive sand, and pointed out that this was appropriate for the “lower” grit of stones (e.g., 800), and then using the “ground up” grit remaining after the abrasive has been used on low grit stones for flattening higher grit (e.g., 5000 grit) stones.

Mike Kellar reported that Bruce Cook is working on the club Scroll Saws.  He also demonstrated 3 grinder wheels that had been donated to the club, and a kit that allowed a grinder wheel to be balanced.  Mike will give a demonstration in the future.

Gallery, Show & Tell

Calvin brought in a small log and a live edge bowl, and related it to the talk about trees and wood given by Paul Kidson the week previously.

Steve Hutcheon presented two scroll saw pieces, one being a clever “two image” piece done in Baltic Birch, and the other being a complicated, repeating pattern in a 1” thick slab of Poplar.

Gord Tilley showed an old chisel blade that had a clearly marked definition of where the hardened steel at the front of the blade met the softer steel of the handle attachment area.  He also showed us an antique Stanley drill bit attachment to define repeatable depth of cuts on large spiral drill bits.

Next Meeting

Monday OCTOBER 17th. (Dale C presenting part two of sharpening seminar)