Club Updates

Monday night recap – January 21, 2019

Great meeting last night, we watched a YouTube video of a gentleman, Adrian Ferrazzutti who is a skilled furniture maker, his video from last night focused on mosaic veneering.  Included is the link to Adrian’s furniture web site and he has videos on his YouTube channel, I would highly recommend viewing both, we’ll also upload the information on our web page.   Adrian’s web site is


  • Calvin would like additional volunteers to help out with the Kub Cars program, please contact Calvin for additional information.
  • Ron Whitbread will be tuning up the table saw this Saturday from 9:30 am to noon, if you would like to learn how to tune up a table saw or would like to connect with Ron, please feel free to stop by the shop on Saturday morning.
  • Rick Sullivan will be taking lottery monies for the next round, the last day to pay will be March 4th.
  • Wednesday night will be the open turning night with Denis and Chris, 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm.
  • Thursday night Chad will be hosting an open shop night, 3:00 pm to 8:00 pm, all welcome.
  • 2019 membership fees are due, you can renew on-line, or during our Monday night meetings, cash, cheque, credit or debit, all are welcome, be sure to follow up with Paul Kidson or Greg Nevin.

If anyone has any questions or if I’ve missed anything, please do not hesitate to call, email or text.

Monday Night Recap – January 14, 2019

Great meeting last night, Don McFarland treated the members to an awesome demonstration on FLOCKING.  Don ran through the correct techniques to properly flock a projected, the range of options to be flocked was quite large, ranging from turned projects to flat & scroll work to a wide assortment of items.  We’ll hope to have Don’s presentation up on our new web site shortly and we’ll see if we can get the video feed posted to our YouTube channel.  Thank you to Don for taking the time to prepare and present on the subject matter, it is greatly appreciated.

Chad Shaw has been working with the Back Door Mission at the church to help out with their food drive, he’s been doing an awesome job.  Attached is a list of items that the mission are accepting on behalf of their program, each week as you members come out to the Monday meetings, please feel free to drop off a donation in the bin as you pick up your badges.

Attached is a presentation from Gene Hutchinson on flattening a warped board, following Chris Lapine’s demonstration this past Saturday.

Just a reminder, we have a new enhanced web site, new calendar, as well as, memberships can now be paid on-line (yeah!).  Please check the web site for any updates. 


  • Tuesday night, open shop night
  • Wednesday night, open turning night
  • Thursday night, Kub Cars program with Calvin Perry, shop will be closed in the evening
  • Saturday morning, Heart shaped pendant seminar with  Chris Lapine (9:00 am to noon)

Have a great week!

Monday Night Recap – January 7, 2018

Rob will type info here.

Happy New Year

Terrific start to 2019 this past Monday night, no speaker this week, however, a lot of new and exciting things happening at the club.

Back in December, an email was sent to the membership with a request from the Simcoe Street United Church to help bring holiday for a number of families.  The executive agreed to donate $200 on behalf of the club and the membership, below is the email from the church, thanking the club

Hi Rob,

I wanted to say thank you so very much! All the help that you and woodworkers have provided went an extra-long way to making so many families happy this year! It was so heartwarming to me and such a blessing as the doorbell rang each time with another woodworker arriving with something in hand to help.

I personally give my thanks and want to let you know I am so grateful for all the woodworkers have done, but also, the community angels and all the families that received assistance want to express their gratitude as well, they will be forever thankful.

Please pass this along to the other members, as I do not have personal contact for those who so kindly lent a hand and filled others hearts with joy.

Thank you again, I wish for each and every one of you a blessed, healthy and happy New Year,


This coming Saturday, Chris Lapine will be hosting two demonstrations on how to straighten a warped board using a planner and jointer, start time for the first demonstration will be 10 am to noon, followed by a second demonstration starting at 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm.  Chris has sent out an email to all members who have registered, if you’re interested please email Chris with your notification at  Please bring hearing protection, the equipment is very loud and can harm your hearing.  

As well, Chris will be hosting a poly resin demonstration on Saturday January 19th, participants will be instructed on how to create a heart shaped pendant with a poly resign fill.  If you’re interested in participating, please contact Chris via email.  Attached is a PDF file with heart shaped designs to select, you’ll need to secure a piece of wood to apply the design and to cut out the heart shaped design.

BTW, the club has a new web site, special thanks to Dan Kuzmicki, a lot of work has gone into the web site and Dan has more items to add in the future.  We should have access to on-line payments soon, Dan is just working out the details, it will be posted on the web site.  As well, a special thank you to Wayne Whitehead for all of his support as our web master.


·         We have an outside request for someone to make a half dozen “power” bracelets for a cancer patient, if you can donate your time, please let me know.

·         Wednesday night will be an open turning night hosted by Denis and Chris, start time is 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm

·         Thursday night will be an open shop night hosted by Chad Shaw, start time will be 3:00 pm to 8:00 pm, as well, Wayne Pye will be working on the French cleat wall.

·         Next Monday night, Don McFarland will be demonstrating the use of “flocking”, please feel free to google the word for a description of the event.