Monday Night Recap, February 6, 2023


Safety – fire exits and defibrillator locations

Coffee and snack night monthly.. will be returning next week!! Bring in some goodies.

Kiwanis Club presentation happening tomorrow morning.

Good of the Club (50-50) New Draw starts Feb 13th. Contact Mike Beaton by Feb. 9th. 1 for $24, 3 for $48 for next twelve weeks

DWC Bulk buy for Rubber floor mats. 

If you are interested in purchasing some, Please contact Chad.

I think if we can get a large enough order as a group, we may be able to buy them at a cheaper rate. Please Let Chad know how many you would like to purchase. He will try to have a few samples for viewing at next week’s meeting. 

Brand NEW! 8mm thick, 2’x2’ puzzle piece black As well as Grey mats. Perfect for gym, garage, basements, Shops.  $12- $16 per mat ($3 – $4 per sq ft) buy in bulk or large quantity to save! Have new 2×2 x 8mm black puzzle piece rubber floor tiles (mats) in stock ready to cash n carry. Here are my firm and fair prices: 0-500 sqft = $4/sqft 500 -1000 sqft = $3.50/sqft Over 1000 = $3/sqft

Ongoing Education

Watch the DWC website and your emails for sign-ups for courses, once we re-open

Community Activities

Calvin P. Wig Stands continuing!!!

Chad Shaw – the BackDoorMission FOOD DRIVE does continue weekly. Aiming for 1 ton of food donations each 6-7 months!!

2′ by 2′ anti-fatigue square mats from a gym, brand new!! price likely $3 per square foot, might be less if we buy enough. Contact Chad Shaw within a week (SEE ABOVE!!)


Putting Lights in Cabinets: Cassidy Cook from ‘A.M.G. Baytech’

various LED light bars, various materials, light temperatures/colours. Lighting above or under cabinets. Either hard-wired or plug in. Slim LED pucks. Moon Pucks angled light direction. Tape lights. ‘OnCloud’ uses an app to control it all through your phone! Mood tape kits.

Gallery, Show & Tell

Doug R. Cherry Goblet, turned while in high school a few years back

Guy M. Several red cedar bowls, amazing purple-red colour

Steve H. Purple heart shelf with key hooks, scrolled pattern

Gord T. Milk crate made from pine and spruce

Noel G. Bottle stoppers- acrylic, maple, ambrosia. Red cedar wing bowl, oak bowl, cherry bowl, (general wood finish), ash bowl.

Gene H. Intarsia golfing bear!, wipe on poly gel

Kade B. Lidded box made from ‘SPF’ building wood; olive ash wide rimmed bowl, bowl outside painted like vanGogh’s Starry Night

Dale C.    Leather strops on maple

Calvin P.,   Pens made by Andy Valliere

Next Meeting: 2023-FEB 13th