Monday Night Recap, February 27, 2023


Next week’s meeting will be coffee, tea and treats – first meeting of each month, bring along something tasty!

No update from the church yet.

A piece of a maple tree is available from Gord Tilly

Mats – 101 have been asked for, at $16 each.

Calvin Perry is now in Oshawa hospital, on floor C5

Ongoing Education

Watch the DWC website and your emails for sign-ups for courses

Community Activities

Chad Shaw – the BackDoorMission FOOD DRIVE will continue weekly


Scroll Saw Maintenance with Bruce Cook

The DeWalt saw was modelled after the ‘Excalibur’ which was originally designed by an Ontario guy. DeWalt bought the rights and until 2011 they were built in Ontario- these are “type 1” saws and their bearings were greased when built! After 2011 the production shifted to China, “type 2” and the bearings were NOT greased when built – not good! These can be taken apart and greased. There are 18 bearings, 1 sealed, 17 open. Variable speed motor, eccentric shaft, wave washer on LEFT hand threaded main shaft connection. Blue loctite was needed on some connections. A test/survey indicated that a new saw, ungreased, would last about 1 year, while if those saws are greased they last about ten years – these figures for saws in regular frequent use.

Gallery, Show & Tell

Steve H – Scrolled sailboat and wave picture!

Dale C – Bowl turned in a maple slab (was hotglued onto a steel faceplate, then methyl hydrate used to deactivate the glue.)

Also a mallet using bronze plumbing ‘T’ and maple

Neil F – a poplar wig stand

Gord T – a strop on ash, two drawknives which Dale C sharpened

Next Meeting: 2023- March 6th